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The EU Aid Volunteers initiative provides volunteering opportunities to support communities in disaster-affected countries outside the EU in better preparing for crisis and responding when disaster strikes. As well as volunteering in the countries affected by disaster through full-time deployment, online volunteering is another way to get involved.

As an EU Aid Volunteer you will gain the opportunity to make a real difference, supporting humanitarian aid projects where your help is most needed.

You can expect to be in a volunteering placement that suits your skills and profiles. Two levels of volunteering will be available: junior EU Aid Volunteers for those with fewer than 5 years of work experience and less than 5 years’ experience in humanitarian aid; and senior EU Aid Volunteers for those with more than 5 years of work experience in positions of responsibility or expert positions. The level will be specified in each vacancy announcement.

EU Aid Volunteers deployed to our full-time volunteering projects will receive:

  • Pre-deployment training

  • Travel and accommodation

  • Subsistence allowance based on local costs, to cover your main living costs

  • Insurance during your deployment

  • A resettlement allowance

  • For some projects, apprenticeship placement before deployment for extra training

As a full-time EU Aid Volunteer you will have a volunteer contract with the sending organisation managing your EU Aid Volunteers project and continuous support before, during and after your deployment. This includes mentoring and your own learning and development plan to accompany you throughout your volunteer deployment period.

Training for candidate volunteers will be provided online and face-to-face at a central training venue to groups of selected candidate volunteers. The training curriculum is competency based and comprises courses about the EU’s crisis response system, an introduction to humanitarian action, managing safety, security and health, project management, intercultural awareness, advocacy and communication, first aid, training of multipliers, volunteer management and organisational development. Online training takes about four weeks and face-to-face training including a scenario-based simulation exercise requiring candidate volunteers to demonstrate acquired competences takes two weeks.

Online volunteering is a way of giving your time by completing a volunteering task through the internet at home, work or university. As online volunteering is done without leaving home, financial support is not provided. Online volunteers complement the EU Aid Volunteers initiative by doing practical tasks – in areas like research, technology, translation or design – that support EU Aid Volunteers projects on the ground to reach more people and make their work more effective. For each online assignment successfully completed, online volunteers receive a certificate of completion.


-Graphics designs, illustrations, infographics, etc., taking into account the corporate image
-Develop proposals (portfolio,presentations, etc.) that present information in a creative way. -Documents design for different audiences and projects. -Review and read documents of the organization to define what will be communicated. – Layout of guides and manuals

Link para la candidatura Deadline 30/04

Les recordamos que las oportunidades que siguen no son gestionadas directamente por nosotros, así que para cuestiones técnicas sobre candidaturas, proceso de selección etc. les sugerimos de contactar directamente con las organizaciones organizadoras Euro Latin Cooperation solo se ocupa de publicar semanalmente oportunidades en Latinoamérica, ofertas de voluntariado, estudio y trabajo en Latinoamérica si no también de difundir y promover la cultura latina en Europa.

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